Games People Play

One of the biggest reasons I didn’t get into the home party business sooner than I did was that I always hated those silly games played at home parties, wedding showers and baby showers.

I really thought it was ridiculous that grown women wanted to play silly games. But once I saw that I could earn a decent income working part time เกมน่าเล่น at something fun – home parties – I decided that maybe I could tolerate a few silly games.

The problem with playing games is that you have to award prizes. Finding inexpensive gifts becomes something important to each demonstrator. You don’t want to spend so much on prizes that you’re not making any money, especially if sales are low. There will be some parties hardly worth leaving home. And there will be others where you’ll sell twice or three times the average. The numbers average out.

Some home party plans have small gifts available thorough them. If not, here are some inexpensive gift ideas:

Check your local craft or sewing store’s bargain bin. One year, a sales rep discovered battery-operated white candles with brass holders in the bargain bin at our local craft store. A set of 6 candles was on sale for $2.50. That was a bargain. She gave one candle for a prize, meaning the prize cost her only about 42 cents each.

Visit the closest dollar store to find sets of things – magnets, candles, etc. Give only one of a set for a prize.

Are you crafty? Make inexpensive bookmarks or ornaments to give away.

You get the idea. Find something inexpensive to give as prizes. If you start your business giving out more expensive prizes, your guests will expect that at the next party booked.

If you’re like I was and don’t like playing games, there is one game that satisfies the need of those who want games and doesn’t bother those who don’t like them. Playing one game shouldn’t be too difficult for anyone.

When you’re preparing for your party, place an inexpensive gift in a plain brown paper bag. On the outside, write “WORM.” You might want to paste a gummy worm on the outside of the bag also.

As the party begins, hold the bag in your hands and say, “My name is _______ and this is a worm.” Then pass the bag to the person on your right and ask her to say her name and “this is a worm.” While the bag is being passed, pay attention to the introductions of the guests, in case you didn’t get their names when they came in. Everyone likes to be called by name. Remembering names is good business.

When the bag has been passed to each guest, take it back and ask which guest was the first to arrive. Hand the bag to the first guest to arrive, saying, “Well, everyone knows the early bird gets the worm.” Some people attend multiple parties, and they’ll remember this game and make a point of at least being on time. Word gets around that being early or on time is rewarded at your parties. And if parties can get started on time, you’ll be leaving on schedule as well.

Another game that is simple to remember is one that is also played at wedding and baby showers. For a home party, it’s called “match the hostess.” The hostess and each guest need a piece of paper and a pencil. You can either ask questions about your products or about the season or about anything else you desire. Ask about 8 questions. The hostess reads her answers and the person who matches the most of them wins. The problem with this game is that if everyone knows the hostess rather well, there may be 2 or three winners. You’ll need enough prizes just in case that happens.


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